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Pre-Owned Screening Plants

About this page:

You are probably thinking, "Why does Orbit Screens have a Pre-owned Page on their site?  Doesn't that cost them sales on new machines?"

Well, of course we hope not, but this page is here to protect the investment made by our customers.  

If your business changes and you no longer have use for your screener, we will help you sell it.

We also have pages that list owners who are willing to rent their machines and do custom work.

Conditions of Use for Your Free Pre-Owned Listing

Listed 9 January, 2018
Company Name: John McInenly

Contact Name: John
Address: Palatine, IL
Machine Model/Serial Number: Model- 58
Options/Extras: 11/4 inch screen Hopper Extensions, Hopper Liner, Brush package
Age of Machine: 9 Years

Sold in 30 Days!

Model - 58A

Model 61 with less than 500 hours on it.
Kawasaki motor and a small hopper feeder. 


Orbit Screen Model 68 
Sold in 60 Days!!
screener model 61 

Orbit Model 68

Sold in less than 90 Days!

Model number: 61

Model number: 63

Sold in Less than 1 Month
Model 58 2014

Sold in 1 Month
MODEL 68  

Posted June 5 2015

Sold at the beginning of October

Model 68A
Posted May 15 2015

Model 68
Sold in 5 Weeks
Posted May15 2015

2003 Model 68 diesel - D755

Sold in 3 Weeks

Model 61

Posted 17 Mar 2015

Already Sold April 10 - Less than a Month
Model 68

Posted 17 Feb 2015

Sold in Less than 3 weeks

Sold in Less Than a Month!!
Model 62

I cannot Thank You Guys Enough.

Steve in Marketing.

And the rest of you guys for the technical information.

When I first was tasked by my company a few weeks ago to sell a surplus Orbit Screener I was not even aware of what that was.

I got education on this from you guys.
You guys also put my machine on your website and before I knew it , it Sold.
Funny part is the day after I accepted an offer I had to other prospective buyers call from your website who also wanted it but they were just s little late.

Again I wish to Thank You snd Your Staff
George Monks
Director of Capital Assets
AKIMA Corporation

They Don't Last Long!!
Model 62

Sold in less than a month

Sold in less than 3 weeks

2009 Orbit 68A with (4) Screens with 583 hours

Sold in about 10 days!!

Model 62

I’ve owned many screening plants over the years.  The Orbit is certainly the most economical plant per yard I have ever owned.


Model 68A
Campbell & Ferrara
Jim Campbell

Sold in less than a month

Model 68-6H
Model Year 2003

I wanted to update you on the sale of my Orbit Screen model 68-6H. It took exactly 16 hours after posting my machine until the time it was sold. I can't thank you enough for your assistance in the matter. It has always been a pleasure doing business with your company and I will continue to do so. Thank you once again for your tremendous service, before, during and after the sale.
Martin B. O'Donnell

Model 68

This one sold in less than a Month!!

Check out the sellers note:

Letting you know that I sold my orbit screen! It is on its way to Duluth, Minnesota.
Thank you for everything. Your prenowned page works great! I had a surprising number of calls for this time of year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at Orbit Screen!

Conditions of Use for Your Free Pre-Owned Listing

Add Your Pre-Owned Machine

E-mail your Pictures and Descriptions to Brad

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