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Orbital Action:
The Key Feature that Provides Competitive Advantages to the Orbit Screens' Family of Screening Plants.

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Model 68-B

Basic Model 60

Model 60

Model 60

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Model 68-B

The Model 68-B Works for You!

Mobile & Versatile

Produce Quality, Select Products From New or Recycled Materials

Easily Towed With A Pick Up Truck

Look - Test - Price - Compare
  • 1.8 Cubic Yard Hopper
  • Optional Hopper Extensions to 4.5 Cubic Yard
  • Screens Changed in Minutes Without Wrenches
  • Easily Transported From Site to Site
  • Diesel Engine
  • Belt Fines Conveyor Standard (Double-Chain Optional)
  • 11 Foot Discharge Height on Fines Conveyor
  • Belt Overs Conveyor Standard                   (Double-Chain Optional)
  • 6 Foot 6 Inch Discharge Height on Overs Conveyor
  • Three-Point Hydraulic Leveling - Standard
  • All screen dish opening sizes are interchangeable with any Series 60 Orbit Screen Model
  • Optional Rock Kits Available

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