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Orbit Screens Features

Orbital Action

An Orbit Screens Screening Plant, From the Model 60 to the Model 100, uses Mother Nature's principals of material flow to effect a quick, easy, and natural particle size separation.

NATURE'S EFFECT: Material rolling over its self causes the large particles and light/fluffy items to rise to the surface of the material mix. (As in a mountain stream or an avalanche.)  This effect is the difference between our screens and any other screen on the market.

AS APPLIED: Orbit Screens utilize a rotating screen correctly shaped and tilted relative to gravity to provide for accurate sizing of materials, allowing the overs to simply disappear out the screen dish front opening.  Maximum screening efficiency is realized because the overs are gone, allowing the fines to pass through the screen media without interference.

It has been said, Mother Nature Knows Best, and in the case of Orbit Screens, She maximizes the use of horse power, machine components and raw materials in the best way available to the screening industry.

As the developer of the original orbital action concept for screening efficiency, I am proud to present The Secret.

Bradley J. Schnittjer,

Portability is one of Orbit Screens most powerful features.  Our portable topsoil screener can easily be moved with a 3/4 ton pickup or larger.  

We recommend a truck rated at 3/4 ton or larger, equipped with a towing package rated to include the listed weights. 

We normally tow at speeds of 60/65 mph unless towing in very hot conditions. Speed must be limited to driver capabilities

    * Electric Brakes & Lights
    * 7 Point Plug in
    * 2 5/16 Ball Hitch or Pintle Ring (purchasers choice)
    * Weight of Screen Dish 375lbs avg.

Changing Screens in About 2 Minutes

Multiple Screen Dish Sizes
Multiple screen sizes are available in all Orbit Screens series.  By using different screen sizes you will be able to screen many different materials, topsoil to trash.  Also, because of Orbital Action we are able to use a screen opening 1 or 2 sizes bigger than other screening methodologies while getting the same cut of material.  A bonus for the Orbital Action methodology because a larger screen opening plug less.


Tools & Equipment Needed
  1. A loader or boom capable of reaching the screen from a location between the feeder and the overs conveyor.
  2. A lifting strap or chain: Note: The screen weighs about 400 pounds.
  3. A careful operator


Position the backshield/screen dish at about 75/80 degrees. (As near to the screen dish angle when hanging from the hook as you can estimate.)

Position the lifting loader, fork lift, etc., at a point midway between the feeder and the overs conveyor.

Turn the screen dish to locate the lifting loop at the top.

Position the lifting hook directly over the lifting loop welded on the inside of the screen dish rim.

Hook the lifting hook to the screen dish.
  1. Lift the screen slightly, about 1 1/2 inch and move back to pull the screen dish slightly forward at the top, away from the support wheel.
    • Continue to lift and back up until the screen dish rim is a few inches above the drive wheels.
    • Back away slowly while guiding the screen around the end of the feeder.
    • Once clear of the machine, move the screen dish to a storage location.
  2. Install the next screen dish by reversing the above procedure. A helping hand to guide the screen dish rim into the area above the drive wheels is suggested.




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