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Box Screens, as depicted above in the computer generated illustration are very common to the screening plant industry. There are several manufacturers offering different variations of a vibrating or shaking screen deck, mounted on a box shape with a hopper fitted on top.

In use, a load of material to be screened is placed over the hopper, the load is then dumped in the hopper and on to the screen deck, usually by jogging the bucket to spread the material out minimizing momentary overload.

The fines, material that passes through the screen is collected in the box. The overs, material that will not pass through the screen is dumped along the long side of the box.

When the load has been dumped, the loader goes to fetch another load, repeating the process until the box is full. Once the box is full, it must be emptied to proceed with the project.

The capacity of the screen deck is variable with the size of the deck, usually measured by length and width. This type of a screening machine is considered by many to be the simplest and lowest cost of all screening plant methodologies.

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