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Stainless Steel Wire Yields outstanding production results for a composting service company here in East Iowa. T & W Grinding has operated an Orbital Action Screening Plant for several years.
The contract operation grinds, composts and screens yard waste for several communities allowing the city staff folks to do what they know best and the compost expert to do what he does best.

The 2010 season was very wet and as could be expected, screening was slow. We visited about how to improve performance and decided to try Stainless Steel Wire which we knew would help with difficult to screen materials. Since Stainless Steel is a bit expensive, it took some grit to make the change

I am pleased to report the results were astonishing, up to a 40% improvement on some materials and an overall estimated average of about 25%.  Screen plugging was much relieved and hand labor to clean out the screen nearly eliminated. The first week of operation easily returned the investment.

How it works, Stainless Steel is very smooth and slippery. It does not rust and remains clean and ready to go to work. Alloy Steel wire does rust and has a rough surface allowing wet compost to cling.

So what can the down side be? Stainless Steel is a relatively soft metal while tempered Alloy Steel is very hard and quite resistant to abrasive wear. Therefore for topsoil, mulch and similar materials, Stainless Steel will be a good choice. If you are screening aggregates or top soil with rocks, it is better to stick to the Alloy Steel wire.

Is Stainless Steel a cure all for wet and sticky materials, of course not? Common sense and good material preparation practices will go a long way to making your screening operation successful.

For a visit and discussion regarding your operation and needs, Brad or a staff person is available at 1-563-922 9230.

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Brads Blog, “The Finer Cut”, is another of many planned. Each issue will cover a topic of interest about our machines, our industry, our customers and more. I look forward to this task and am excited about the opportunity to broaden our communications with our customers and industry. I invite you to return and visit from time to time, cruising back through issues to see what I may have been thinking of at another time.

I also invite you, our reader to contribute by offering your comments. Please send your thoughts to , by letter or fax, 563-922 9060.

Happy screening

Brad Schnittjer
Blog # 54
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