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Minutes Count III

This week we focus on Feeding Your Screen. Last week we noted “Time is Money” so this weeks question is, how may we best operate a screening plant efficiently.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that screening plant operating seconds spent with either too much or too little material on or in the screening element is wasted. Other than having a competent loader operator and good screening methodology, I believe the feeding method is most important ingredient affecting efficiency and quality of cut.

I note that nearly all of the more expensive screening plants offerings have a capable feeder built into their system. I also note that nearly all of the lower priced screening plants available do not have a good method of continuously feeding a variable material..

Orbit screens with Orbital Action combines a good screening methodology and a good feeding system in an attractively priced machine throughout its product line. Let’s focus on our Model 63 and a typical box screen offering which includes a fines conveyor.

The Model 63 is priced in the low $40’s while the typical box screen with a single conveyor is priced in the high $30’s. While the operating efficiency of the basic box screen is improved with the addition of a fines conveyor, feeding the screen deck remains lacking as does earning potential.

The Model 63 which includes a very efficient, general purpose feeding system can give maximum production efficiency percentages with a high quality of cut for only a few more first cost dollars. Since “Time is Money” saving a few dollars on the purchase may cost a few more dollars every time you fire up to use your screening plant.

Happy screening,

Brad Schnittjer
Blog # 23



I will continue my comments about the many advantages of Orbital Action Screening in my next Blog. Meanwhile, look over our Videos and Job Stories to learn more about Orbital Action Screening. Our products, with their user friendly features and high performance levels could take you into a new season with a much higher profit potential.

Send us your requirements by filling out and submitting the Intended Use Form and you will soon have full details and a quote for the correct model and available options to fulfill your job application needs

“The Finer Cut”, is Brad’s Blog. Each issue will cover a topic of interest about our machines, our industry, our customers and more. I am excited about the opportunity to use a Blog to broaden our communications with our customers and industry. I invite you to return and visit from time to time, cruising through previous issues to learn many details regarding our products.

I also invite you, our reader to contribute by offering your comments. Please send your thoughts to, by letter or fax, 563-922 9060.

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