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Our Competitors, part two. Nomenclature:

When discussing variables between machines intended to perform similar functions, names of the machines and their components become important. Each party in the game likes to know that their customers are able to compare equally. Therefore names become common in use. The word nomenclature is used to describe industry related names.

Names used with various machine types and companies usually are developed by the company or person first introducing the product. A great example is that most folks in our industry are familiar with the name “Bobcat” which was the name coined by the Melroe brothers when they introduced their first and industries first compact loaders over fifty years ago. It has become an industry success story beyond expectations.

Even now, workers and owners alike tend to call out, bring the “Bobcat”, knowing that their skid steer loader may be a Case, a John Deere, a Caterpillar, a Gehl and so on.

We start discussing screening plant manufacturers products with probably the most common name used, it is a Box Screen. It is usually the simplest and lowest cost of all screening plant offerings. It is quite basic, a shaker or vibrating screen wire deck placed on top of a three sided box.

As we climb the ladder of features and options, many box screens have methods of transporting, conveyors to carry materials away or fingers to help with clogging problems all built in to the package. Each manufacturer describes their products and features well, using industry acceptable nomenclature when possible.

Orbit Screens, Inc has coined the phrase, “Orbital Action” to describe the methodology used with orbit screens. While specific to Orbit screens, it is nomenclature in the making.

Happy screening,

Brad Schnittjer
Blog # 20



I will continue my comments about the many advantages of Orbital Action Screening in my next Blog. Meanwhile, look over our Videos and Job Stories to learn more about Orbital Action Screening. Our products, with their user friendly features and high performance levels could take you into a new season with a much higher profit potential.

Send us your requirements by filling out and submitting the Intended Use Form and you will soon have full details and a quote for the correct model and available options to fulfill your job application needs

“The Finer Cut”, is Brad’s Blog. Each issue will cover a topic of interest about our machines, our industry, our customers and more. I am excited about the opportunity to use a Blog to broaden our communications with our customers and industry. I invite you to return and visit from time to time, cruising through previous issues to learn many details regarding our products.

I also invite you, our reader to contribute by offering your comments. Please send your thoughts to, by letter or fax, 563-922 9060.

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